Learn to Trade Review: Dave

9 Aug 2016
1904 Total Views
I've never been afraid to take risks and initially my first month, I made 25% and my second month was another 17% and then it was ...

Learn to Trade Review: Yavar

9 Aug 2016
1622 Total Views
Interviewer: What is the result you tend to be probably averaging per month? Yavar: It varies between 10 - 15% every month in my ...

Learn to Trade Review: Yen

9 Aug 2016
1458 Total Views
I've been very positive - been very careful with my trading and I have been able to achieve 4.5% in the last two weeks. So far I have ...

Learn to Trade Review: John

9 Aug 2016
1279 Total Views
I've successfully completed my first month trading with result of 11.97%! Overall my....

Learn to Trade Review: Ben

9 Aug 2016
1160 Total Views
I really love the whole Learn to Trade strategy. I've enjoyed it. On a Sunday I do about three to four hours of homework...

Learn to Trade Review: Burak

23 Jun 2016
1715 Total Views
Total: +22.90 (last 7 months). Note: I have 2 trades running and I am 4% up and left it for next month....

Learn to Trade Review: Colin

14 Jun 2016
1380 Total Views
With my results in for trading in May on my private account I am up by 14.02%. I have achieved this result with....

Learn to Trade Review: Yavar

14 Jun 2016
1303 Total Views
Between the 3 trades, I made 15% that night. That was my personal account of course :). Based on your coaching and above....