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What’s the secret to Forex trading success? The answer is simple: Successful day traders utilise practical, proven Forex trading strategies. In other words, entering the markets with a well-developed trading plan is the key to earning profits and building sustainable income in day trading. Are you interested in learning about the best Forex trading strategies?

Learn to Trade can help. Our Forex trading strategies are designed to help everyday people generate cash flow on the foreign exchange. How? These strategies are designed to help reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with buying and selling foreign currencies for profit. Plus, by learning how to leverage Forex strategies, you’ll be better prepared to enter and exit trades at exactly the right time. If want to learn how to day trade, developing an understanding of various Forex trading strategies is a great place to start.

There are two generally accepted trading styles – end-of-day and intra-day. End-of-day trading capitalises on the time between the close of the New York market and the opening of the Asian market. In this quieter period, carefully considered trades can be made that take the trends from the entire day into account. By comparison, intra-day trading occurs over much shorter timeframes – anything from five minutes up to an hour. At Learn to Trade, we generally recommend end-of-day trading. It only takes a few hours each week to generate financial return. There’s less pressure and it doesn’t require constant monitoring, so it’s perfect for learning, testing and honing your day trading strategies with decreased financial risk.

New and inexperienced traders need day trading strategies that respond to current market needs and trader psychology, in order to generate cashflow. Our strategies follow best practice and keeps risk low to generate a financial return. Our founder and CEO Greg Secker of Learn to Trade, master trader, entrepreneur and philanthropist – developed each of these highly successful, proven strategies.

180 Phase Changer™

180 Phase ChangerTM

Powerful strategy based on advanced price action.

T wave™

T WaveTM

Cutting edge trend based trading system.

Forex Inter Bank Radar™

Forex Inter Bank RadarTM

Institutional strategy that identifies trades with no trend filter.

Forex Money Market Breakout™

Money Market BreakoutTM

Professional intra-day high probability system.

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Maximise your trading profits with these proven Forex strategies. Are you ready to start utilising them? The best way to learn how to put these Forex trading strategies to work and start implementing them for your own financial gain is to attend one of Learn to Trade’s free introductory Forex courses. Register for the next session in your area today and learn what it takes to become successful from real, experienced traders. Our workshops offer new and inexperienced traders valuable insights into proven trading strategies and how successful traders utilise them to maximise their income. Start learning today!

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I have been studying Master Trader for several months now and have greatly benefitted from the various coaches and their knowledge. I have recently achieved 11% and 9.6% in two consecutive months! Thank you LTT for providing us with such expertise and giving us the opportunity to learn how to become successful traders. It is all here for those who really want to learn!

Beata, July 2014