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Once only available to financial institutions, large corporations and hedge funds, companies like Learn to Trade are opening up the lucrative currency trading market to motivated individual investors. Also known as foreign exchange trading or Forex trading, currency trading is a high reward, high risk market for patient, insightful investors.

In currency trading, investors speculate on the relative prices between two currencies. The currencies are always quoted in pairs. Most simply, the trader aims to purchase undervalued currencies and sell overvalued currencies as they strengthen or weaken against the paired currency.

The currency trading market is the largest market in the world by trading volume. It’s open all day from start of business Monday in Asia-Pacific through to the close of business in New York on Friday. As it’s not a regulated exchange (there’s no central governing body, clearing houses or arbitration panels), the market is also considered the most liquid. This means it is considerably faster and easier to buy and sell securities, so investors can be more fluid with their investment strategies.

This opportunity also comes with significant risk. As the market can move quickly and at high volumes, it’s vital that any individual should receive sophisticated, detailed training and advice from a reputable trading company before making their start. There’s too much at stake to simply rely on a Foreign Exchange Trading for Dummies type of course.

At Learn to Trade, we’ve been teaching foreign currency trading to people of all backgrounds and professions for over 10 years. Thousands of investors attribute their success in currency trading to the insights and experience they received with Learn to Trade.

Commencing with a three-day course in foreign currency trading, which includes a bonus day learning about the SmartCharts system, our burgeoning investors are supported with one-on-one coaching from experienced, professional traders and a comprehensive client services team. The investors can also access our Live Trading Floor, a sophisticated simulation platform where currency trading strategies can be tested and honed.

This isn’t a Currency Trading for Dummies course. It’s an intensive interrogation of all aspects of the Forex market and is certainly not for everyone. We go to great lengths to ensure you understand the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and work hard to develop strategies that work with different trading psychologies.

While every individual is unique, there a few traits that a lot of successful traders share. If you have discipline, resilience, drive, confidence and passion, you are already on your way there! Each of these characteristics is common across many successful Forex traders, but they aren’t all that counts. The final (and most important) factor for the aspiring trader is hard work and perseverance; nothing contributes more to attaining a successful outcome.

If this doesn’t sound like you yet, that does not mean you can’t be successful. Consider pairing a quality education with regular practice. You can have all of these qualities if you are mindful and work towards it.

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If the opportunities associated with currency exchange trading have captured your attention, the next step is to Register for our free introductory workshop. This is the basic level of education we offer; it really is currency trading for beginners. From there, you are able to participate in more advanced courses that will give you more strategies, information and support. Click through the pages of our site for more information about opportunities for online trading with the foreign exchange market, as well as our supporting services and partners.

We’ll help you explore the opportunities for wealth creation through Forex trading – it’s time to transform your life! Workshops are held regularly all around Australia but they fill up fast, so register your interest today.

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Our Graduates Know Best

I have been studying Master Trader for several months now and have greatly benefitted from the various coaches and their knowledge. I have recently achieved 11% and 9.6% in two consecutive months! Thank you LTT for providing us with such expertise and giving us the opportunity to learn how to become successful traders. It is all here for those who really want to learn!

Beata, July 2014