• Geoff Marchant
  • Geoff MarchantTrader Mentor

Geoff’s passion for trading the markets began over 20 years ago with a fortuitous purchase of some Australian bank shares. Geoff joined the Learn to Trade team after a successful period working as a private trader.

Geoff is driven to set people up as successful traders, sharing the skills he has learnt and the experiences he has gained in his own trading career to achieve this. He believes there is a successful trader within all of us, and works with each individual to help them realise their potential. Also ensuring they enjoy the lifestyle and financial benefits he himself has experienced through trading.

In his leisure time Geoff enjoys competing in endurance sports, hanging with the family and watching the markets.

Geoff Marchant’s Skills:

Stock Indicies & Commodities
Technical Anaylsis
Trading Psychology
Trading Plan