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LTT Team

At Learn to Trade, we believe that our success is based on your success. That’s why our trader coaches are real traders with real results. We want to arm you with everything you need to succeed at trading Forex.

When you enter the world of Forex with the team at Learn to Trade, you receive so much more than just technical and educational information.

With us, you’ll also receive market insights, practical information and tips, real-life examples and a wealth of knowledge that can only be shared by those who have successfully participated.

Want to learn a bit more about our team and how they can help you with your journey into Forex? Simply click into their bios below:

  • David Long
  • David LongRisk Manager

    David joined the Learn to Trade team in 2011 and brings with him a wealth of experience and..

  • Grant Shi
  • Grant ShiTrader Coach

    Grant joined Learn to Trade early 2011 and brings with him a strong background as a Proprietary Trader..

  • Geoff Marchant
  • Geoff MarchantTrader Mentor

    Geoff’s passion for trading the markets began over 20 years ago with a fortuitous purchase of some Australian..

  • Andrew Pertsoulis
  • Andrew PertsoulisTrader Mentor

    Andrew has been working as a Trader Mentor with Learn to Trade for over five years and loves..

  • Jake Williams
  • Jake WilliamsClient Experience Manager

    Jake is well known for his initial coaching sessions with beginner students, where he creates a strong and..